Can someone please help me.Got my CNA/LPN almost done with R.N. but got three misdeanors

I got a problem. back in 2006 I decide after getting my CNA I want to keep going with my school in got my LPN, now back in my 19 years of age I got into really bad troubler with the law I got a felony in three misdemeanors mixing with the wrong groups,So I got a lawyer to get my felony seal Thurs the state I tough I was clear in could get a job so I got back into school for my R.N. in now Into my first years of schooling . I got two kids in a husband.I start looking for job with my CNA in LPN license.Everywhere I go when they do my level one background the misdemeanors show up in nomatter what my work history is I cannot get a job I got a clearness letter Thurs the board of Nursing and Ahca. I feel so sad in low now I got all these Degrees in cant even get a job. I am wasting my time in money going to school for my R.N.,when I can’t even a good paying job with benefits as a CNA let along now IM almost done for my R.N.the only job I can get are benefits in do not know if u have work the next day.Should I give up or keep hope alive that someone will see after ten years I have not got into troubler with the law and have come from so far from the person I use to be.