Career Alternative

As nurses, we tend to put others needs ahead of our own, often at the expense of our health.  I know,I did for years- working crazy hours/shifts, taking care of my family, and never finding the time for me.  As the years went by, the pounds piled on.  I found myself 25 pounds overweight, tired, cranky, and resigned to being a frumpy nurse and mom.

A dear friend of mine gave me the gift of health-3  years ago, I lost those 25 pounds by learning to eat right, exercise and most importantly that it IS ok to take care of me.

As a Certified Health Coach, I continue to take my learnings and pay it forward to nurses (and others) across the United States, finding a truly rewarding second career.  I consistently use my nursing skills- caring, understanding, empathy and most importantly compassion.  When I hear “you’ve given me my life back, ” I know I have made a difference.

Are you as passionate about helping others as I am?