Lazy Nurses

Check out this Nurse’s rant:

“One of my pet peeves is lazy nurses! They are nearly useless! They sit and gossip half the night and complain about their patients are pressing the call light. Some making so much money per hour it’s sickening. All ages…. mostly younger ones… alot of agency nurses! Just my opinion. No, just the nurse I had to work with the other night!

Sorry…. I know of many young nurses that are hard workers… that don’t act like the world owes them something, or they are spoiled brats. And YES, I know alot of hard working agency nurses that get crapped on.

But goodness, this young thing the other night we had was something else!

Thanks for letting me vent….

I just have no patience (or use) for a lazy nurse… for as much as they pay us we should put in the work to earn it.”