Top Reasons to Become a Nurse

1. Super high demand. Tons of nurse jobs and a shortage of staff. Great future ahead for those going into nursing school now.

2. Nurses make great money. Many nurses earn above 75,000 per year and many break 100K!

3. Flexible schedules are abound. Nurses can work three shifts of 12 hours a week! You can work a second job! What better career.

4. Many avenues for advancement. You can become a hospital admin or a supervisor or an educator.

5. Nurses can also work in numerous healthcare settings ranging from hospitals to private practice.

6. Nurses can travel everywhere with their useful skills!

7. Tons of opportunities in teaching and education. You get to teach the newest doctors!

8. Nurses can also subspecialize like doctors (OR, ICU, etc)

9. Nurses are angels and well respected by the community and society.

10. Nurses make a difference and really are on the front lines of medicine and healthcare.